International Sherry Week 2014

22 countries and over 2,000 events as part of the global celebration of sherry


On Monday 2nd June, International Sherry Week got underway, a week-long global festival that encompasses over 2,000 events in 22 different countries.  The event’s resounding success has surpassed all expectations proving that sherry is in fashion more than ever before.


From 2nd to 8th June, sherry fever will grip 22 different countries thanks to the initiative of wineries, wine shops, bars, sherry bars, restaurants, universities, hotels, wine professionals and sherry fans all over the world, who have organized a range of activities with sherry as the theme.  Tastings, pairing menus, talks, social events, conferences, cocktails and tapas have all been planned with the common denominator being the celebration of the unique wines of Jerez.   Promoters have been able to integrate a wide and varied public of #sherrylovers; lovers of sherry who enjoy sharing their experiences through the social networks.


The impact of social networking has taken on gigantic proportions with a following on Twitter of over 1,200,000 people and over 2,700,000 users achieved with the hashtags of #isherryweek and  #isherrylover


The social networks are also serving as the perfect media to carry out tastings, with Twitter and streaming being an innovative way for people to simultaneously experience the wines of Jerez across the globe.


A week of celebrations are taking place at the same time in 22 countries including Greece, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, China, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Ireland, Holland, Singapore, Denmark and Belgium.


Leading the country ranking for the highest number of events organized are Japan with 622, Russia with 476 and Spain with 322, with the English speaking countries of the UK and USA following closely behind.  It is estimated that over 100,000 people will attend a sherry-related event during this week across the globe.





London: In association with London Wine Week, many of the 100 participating bars are offering wines by the glass in order to promote the wines of Jerez.

London: The Hispania Restaurant has organised an exclusive pairing dinner overseen by the president of the Jerez Regulatory Council, Beltrán Domecq.

Wales: Bar 44 has designed a pairing menu and a number of wine tastings that have resulted in the restaurant being fully-booked during the week of the event.



Mexico City: Cesar Saldaña, director of the Jerez Regulatory Council, will be the star guest at 10 different events during the week with round table meetings, interviews, wine tastings, pairing meals and a gala dinner.



Amsterdam: A “Sherry on Top Masterclass” with 15 different sherries to be tried and 18 food and wine pairings to experience.

The Hague: The Hockey World Cup will feature a sherry stand sponsored by ICEX to promote sherry from Jerez. Present on the stand will be two Spanish experts; a professional cured ham slicer and a specialist sherry pourer using the traditional long-handled “venencia” wine pourer.



Tokyo: The Ginza Sherry Club has organised three huge events in Tokyo including the Ginza Sherry Challenge, and three more in the Jerez region.  The events in Spain will include innovative pairing dinners in a number of Jerez wineries where guests will have the opportunity to taste sherry alongside Japanese food, prepared by a top chef from Tokyo.

Fukuoka: Sherry Route including 12 different bars and restaurants.

Kyoto: Kyoto Spanish Food Festival where over 20,000 people will have the opportunity to taste a range of unique sherries, poured by Japanese experts trained in the art of using the traditional long-handled “venencia” wine pourer.



St Petersburg: 47 events organised with a huge closing ceremony planned, which will feature the presence of a well-known Russian chef.

Other events in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk.



Seattle, Washington and New Orleans are the cities with the most notable events in restaurants such as Jaleo with the famous chef José Andrés and Fridays Punch Out, which is featuring a competition for the best sherry punch.



Sydney: A live on-line sherry tasting which will simultaneously connect 40 Australian journalists with a winery in El Puerto de Santa María.

The MoVida restaurants are promoting a sherry pairing menu featuring some of the best wines of Jerez.



There are programmed events taking place in cities across the country including Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Malaga, Alicante, Seville, Valencia and Logroño.

Jerez, Sanlúcar and El Puerto. Special visits have been organised to the Watch Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Palacio del Tiempo which is holding a special Tic Tac Sherry event.  Many of the local wineries are holding open days and other activities include special winery tours, on-line sherry tastings, pairing menus, a Manzanilla cocktail competition, Japanese tapas, vineyard visits, sherry events aimed at the younger consumer and a beginner’s course to learn traditional sherry-pouring techniques.




The Regulatory Council is participating to the full during the week-long sherry fiesta. Beltrán Domecq, the president, has travelled to London to coincide with the London Wine Fair and London Wine Week in order to support the initiative and also to carry out a number of tasting and pairing events for wine professionals and consumers. Meanwhile, César Saldaña, manager of the council, has gone to Mexico where he is taking part in different promotional events organised by Raúl Vega.


Official representatives from the Jerez wineries have also been keen to support the programme with their presence at a variety of initiatives in other countries, as a way to promote and spread the sherry culture on both sides of the Atlantic.


La Casa del Vino has a special programme of activities that begins on Friday 6th June with live streaming of a television programme about the fascinating world of sherry production, which specifically highlights the more feminine side of the Jerez wine industry.  The 4 hour programme features a number of interviews with women with a notable presence and responsibility in different areas of Jerez wine production.  Winery owners, historians, wine makers, sales women and marketing managers all play a part in highlighting the rich culture of an industry with a distinctly sensitive side to the viewing public.


The week will be rounded off with a weekend of activities. 7x7x7 is the title given to seven micro-conferences, each lasting seven minutes and incorporating tastings of seven different sherries, which has been organised with the collaboration of Enouca. There is also free tasting for 80 people taking place on Friday 6th June and a vertical wine tasting of biologically aged sherries on Saturday to be presented by Carmen Aumesquet, Promotions Manager of the  Regulatory Council and the winemaker from Bodegas Estévez, Eduardo Ojeda.