• Designation of origin
    D.O. Somontano
  • Type of wine and year
    Rosé | 2012
  • Variety and alcohol content
    Cabernet-Sauvignon @en, Tempranillo @en | 13,5º
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AlquezarRosado-34_4W (2)
  • Appearance

    Attractive strawberry pink colour with violet tones of youth.
  • Nose

    Intense on the nose with fresh, sweet aromas and a suggestion of sweet pastries.
  • Palate

    Fruity and flavoursome with a suggestion of sweetness.
  • Temp. Consumo

  • Food pairing

    Pastas, pizza, sautéed vegetables and rice.


This refreshing, lightly sparkling rosé wine presents a fusion of  Tempranillo, Moristel and  Garnacha to present a wine perfectly adapted to younger palates.

Points of interest

The name Alquézar comes from the ancient fortress village here that is today a leading adventure tourism destination in the Somontano region.  A range of thrilling mountain activities can be found in this spectacular medieval location in the heart of Somontano.


  • Guía Peñín 2014 87
  • Anuario El País 2014 87
  • Guía Intervinos 2014 86
  • Anuario El País 2013 3 racimos
  • Guía Vino Cotidiano 2013 6,6
  • Guía SEVI 2013 89
  • Guía Cinco Días 2013 Mejor Rosado


Decanter Competition England 2013: Bronze Medal