Barbadillo BetaBrut

  • Type of wine and year
    Sparkling @en | 2011
  • Variety and alcohol content
    Palomino Fina @en, Chardonnay @en | 13º
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  • Appearance

    Pale golden yellow
  • Nose

    Aromas of mature white fruit and hints of sweet pastries.
  • Palate

    Fresh and elegant in the mouth with a delicate and original mouth-feel.
  • Temp. Consumo

  • Food pairing

    Traditional: White beans with clams / Innovative: Marinated tuna


The first Andalusian brut born from the application of the traditional method of secondary fermentation in the bottle of a wine made from palomino and Chardonnay grapes.  Innovation at its best from Bodegas Barbadillo.

Points of interest

To chill the wine, it is advisable to place the bottle in the fridge a day before drinking to assure that it isn’t cold stored for too long. Upon gently uncorking the bottle, without producing the typical cork “popping,” gently place the bottle in wine bucket with water and ice. The ideal glasses to be used should be tall and clear and preferably in the typical tulip shape preferred by champagne drinkers.