GibalbínTinto Joven

  • Type of wine and year
    Red | 2011
  • Variety and alcohol content
    Cabernet-Sauvignon @en, Merlot @en, Tempranillo @en, Syrah @en | 14º
  • Geographical indication

    Wines from Cádiz region

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  • Appearance

    Attractive intense Picota cherry red colour.
  • Nose

    Fruity aromas of ripe red fruit with a subtle hint of liquorice.
  • Palate

    An smooth and easy-drinking wine with surprisingly good body for a young red.
  • Temp. Consumo

  • Food pairing

    Traditional: Char-grilled meat / Innovative: Rice, wild mushrooms, artichokes and asparagus.


The innovative result of a blend of five grape varieties lovingly cultivated in our Gibalbín vineyard is Andalusia´s first red wine; Gibalbín.  One of Barbadillo’s most surprising achievements.

Points of interest

Gibalbín is created from meticulously cultivated grapes in the 100 hectare winery-owned vineyard of Santa Lucia and Gibalbín.  It is the result of the fusion of Tempranillo, Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot with the addition of an indigenous grape from Cádiz called Tintilla de Rota, which marks its Andalusian character and makes it unique. The Cadiz region is often compared to the BarossaValley of Australia, (famous for its full red wines). With its similar climate and latitude (in opposite hemispheres), the BarossaValley owes its name to a place in Cadiz called ‘La Barrosa’.


CINVE Awards 2013: Gold MedalChallenge International du Vin 2013: Gold MedalBerliner Wein Trophy 2013: Gold MedalMezquita Awards 2009: Gold Medal