Señorío de LazánReserva

  • Designation of origin
    D.O. Somontano
  • Type of wine and year
    Red | 2007
  • Variety and alcohol content
    Cabernet-Sauvignon @en, Merlot @en, Moristel @en | 13,5º
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Señorio de Lazan Reserva
  • Appearance

    Intense red towards maroon with brick red rim.
  • Nose

    Blackcurrant, pepper, carnations, coffee and citric nuances express the aromatic diversity
  • Palate

    Flavoursome, smooth and well-rounded in the mouth releasing an array of sensations
  • Temp. Consumo

  • Food pairing

    Roast lamb, red meat and cured cheese.


The oldest and best know Reserva of the region, in fact it can said to be the precursor to Somontano oak-aged reds.  This wine maintains its values vintage after vintage.  Personality and power accompany

Points of interest

The grape varieties originate from the slopes of the Sierra de la Candelera, more specifically a small mountain called Lazán.  The name Señorio de Lazán makes reference to a local marquis who held the title of Cayetano Rebolledo de Palafox, or more simply put, he was the Lord of the Salas Altas and Salas Bajas villages


  • Guía Peñín 2014 87
  • Anuario El País 2014 88