Señorío de LazánCrianza

  • Designation of origin
    D.O. Somontano
  • Type of wine and year
    Red | 2008
  • Variety and alcohol content
    Cabernet-Sauvignon @en, Merlot @en, Tempranillo @en | 13º
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  • Appearance

    Intense cherry red colour.
  • Nose

    Delicious fruit and oak on the nose.
  • Palate

    Smooth, flavoursome and full of irresistible sensations.
  • Temp. Consumo

  • Food pairing

    Meat casseroles and cured cheese.


Although this wine follows the most traditional formula for a Somontano crianza – blending Cabernet, Tempranillo and Merlot – it is the epitome of a modern, fresh oak-aged red, packed with fruit and a tantalizing hint of light oak.  It fills the mouth with an array of smooth and sweet sensations.  Inspired by the first

Points of interest

This wine originates from the oldest vineyards belonging to the Regional Cooperative, which are located between the small Aragonese villages of Salas Altas and Salas Bajas.


Berliner Wine Trophy 2014: Gold Medal