Bodegas Barbadillo achieves an international recognition with the new Rebujito Barbadillo Mixed

July 10, 2023

With 92 points and a Silver Medal, Barbadillo Mixed Rebujito achieves this award in the Ready To Drink category corresponding to alternative wines.

Made from Bodegas Barbadillo’s Manzanilla, it is mixed with lemon-lime soda and a sprig of mint.

In a can format, it is very easy to transport and chill while preserving all the qualities of Rebujito. It is an environmentally friendly container, 100% recyclable.

One of the most refreshing and appetising products of this summer, Barbadillo Mixed Rebujito, has achieved an significant international recognition with the Silver Medal at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC 2023). With 92 points, it has obtained this relevant certification in the category of Ready To Drink.

New Rebujito to refresh yourself this summer

At Bodegas Barbadillo, they knew that many consumers prepared their Rebujito by mixing their Manzanilla´s wine with lemon-lime soda and adding a special touch with a sprig of mint. For this reason, in April of this year a Barbadillo-style rebujito was launched on the market, with natural ingredients selected with the highest quality. Barbadillo Mixed is one of the so-called “ready to drink” or drinks ready to drink and take away. It is also the typical combination of the fairs and other festivals held in Spain and, of course, a perfectally to cool off this summer.
Made from Manzanilla, a unique wine in the world from Palomino Fina grapes grown in albariza lands, which have aged for years under a veil of flor in oak casks in the centenary cellars of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Combined with lemon-lime soda and hints of mint, the result is Barbadillo Mixed, the Rebujito of Bodegas Barbadillo.

It stands out for its unique flavor, together with a groundbreaking personality, different from any other proposal currently on the market in this product category (summer reds, ciders, sangrias…). It is also low in alcohol (4.9º), very refreshing and with a perfect packaging to take it wherever you want.

Freshness for any moment and 100% sustainable

Always guided by the purpose of making life easier, the can format was chosen as presentation, because it is very easy to transport (ready to drink), cool and keep intact all the qualities of Rebujito. All this without losing respect for the environment, one of the priorities for Barbadillo, the aluminum container is totally respectful, 100% sustainable, airtight and opaque, light, individual, with maximum innovation, easy to open and attractive to the new generation of consumers.

Silver Medal at the IWSC 2023

The 2023 edition of the International Wine Spirit Competition (IWSC), held in London, has awarded a score of 92 points and a Silver Medal to Barbadillo Mixed Rebujito. And it has done so specifically in the Ready to Drink category corresponding to alternative wines.

International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC 2023) was established in 1969 by Anton Massel, a wine chemist. The Club Oenologique, as it was initially called, was created to reward excellence in wine production. The competition founded by Massel, created a historical precedent with the rigorous analysis of chemical and organoleptic components of all wines and spirits entered for qualification. Today it is an international benchmark of quality in the world of wines with hundreds of experts worldwide.

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