Pack Oferta | Vega Real

Pack Oferta | Vega Real

Barbadillo Blanco de Albariza | Bodegas Barbadillo

Blanco de Albariza

White wine

With the assurance that this wine remains a universal choice for all, Barbadillo returns with even more authenticity.We have strengthened its connections with its origins: the extraordinary chalky hillsides of albariza soil. This is the home of the Palomino Fino grape variety.

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Sábalo | Barbadillo


Organic white wine

Sábalo is produced from 100% ecological Palomino Fino grapes and it is a spectacular wine, the true fruit of our many years of expertise. The grapes used to produce this wine are harvested in the white albariza soils of Sanlúcar, and as such the sea, the marshlands and the Guadalquivir River all form part of what is essentially Sábalo’s DNA.

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Manzanilla Solear | Barbadillo



Honored by six generations of the Barbadillo family, Solear is a Manzanilla with character, full of elegance and finesse. Its six years of aging under a flower veil make it unique. Bottled Sanlúcar essence.

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Red Wine

This wine is a tribute to the traditional grapes of Aragon: Moristel, the native grape variety of Somontano, Garnacha and Cabernet. 3404, from Pirineos winery, has become the most fashionable number in the world of wine. This number represents the height of the Aneto mountain, the highest in the Pyrenees.
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3404 | Tinto Joven

El Empecinado

Red wine with aging

Aged for 12 months in American and french oak casks, El Empecinado is a red wine made with the best selection of Tempranillo grapes. It is a tribute to the hero of the War of Independence, a native of Castrillo de Duero where the Vega Real winery is located.
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El Empecinado | Vega Real