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Sábalo is produced from 100% ecological Palomino Fino grapes and it is a spectacular wine, the true fruit of our many years of expertise. The grapes used to produce this wine are harvested in the white albariza soils of Sanlúcar, and as such the sea, the marshlands and the Guadalquivir River all form part of what is essentially Sábalo’s DNA.

There are so many different elements that have come together to create this wine: our extensive knowledge of the wine world, the relentless efforts of our growers, the mastery of our oenologist, and our slow fermentation process. The result is an excellent, refined and delicate wine that exalts all of the virtues of our ecological grapes, while still maintaining the true spirit of Bodegas Barbadillo.

Sábalo – Bottle 750 cc
Sábalo – 6 bottle box 750 cc
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