New vintages of Pirineos Chardonnay and Pirineos Gewürztraminer, the trending varietals in Somontano.

November 28, 2023

These exceptional white wines embody the excellence and passion that characterize Bodega Pirineos. Crafted with Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes, they continue to be increasingly popular nationwide. This winery in Somontano has contributed €15,000 to the Spanis

h National Research Council (CSIC) as part of their collaboration agreement, pioneering research on climate refuges in the Pyrenees region.

Bodega Pirineos, one of the vinicultural gems of the Protected Designation of Origin Somontano (D.O.P. Somontano), presents the first fruits of the 2023 harvest: Pirineos Chardonnay and Pirineos Gewürztraminer. These exceptional wines embody the excellence and passion that define the Barbastro winery, blending tradition with innovation to offer unique tasting experiences. Nestled in the picturesque vineyards of Somontano, these Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes thrive in our exclusive small vineyards owned by 200 winegrowers. Acclaimed as the most successful in Somontano and with a growing national trend, they have benefited from the extraordinary microclimates that define the region during their maturation in the field in 2023. According to Jesús Astrain, technical director of Bodega Pirineos: “This harvest was early due to water scarcity and high temperatures that advanced the vegetative cycle of the varieties.” He adds, “The plants have accumulated more sugar and concentrated their musts, resulting in more aromas, more flavor, and varietal character.”



Pirineos Chardonnay

Continuing its tradition, Pirineos Chardonnay remains the most elegant white wine from Bodega Pirineos. This vintage brings an extra touch of finesse and sensitivity, capturing the very essence of Chardonnay in each glass, a variety obtained at 450-500 meters above sea level on soils deeper than one meter, where the best qualities are achieved. “Chardonnay is the predominant white variety in Somontano and occupies different cultivation ‘terroirs,’ from gypsum-rich areas to clayey zones that retain water better, giving each a distinct profile,” explains Astrain. “Pirineos Chardonnay comes from different locations in the Salas plateau, where the more clayey soil allows excellent grape ripening.” The result is a citrusy, intense, varietal, and concentrated wine with good acidity that makes it very appealing and flavorful. According to Astrain, Pirineos Chardonnay 2023 “will be a great wine.” It’s worth noting that this wine was recently awarded as the best barrel-aged white wine in Aragon. A prize bestowed at the II Aragon Wine Fair held on November 22.

Pirineos Gewürztraminer
This wine has captivated the hearts of young consumers looking for something as simple as enjoyment in wine. With its distinctive character and charming flavor, Pirineos Gewürztraminer has become a reference for those who appreciate quality and authenticity in every sip. Pirineos Gewürztraminer is a single varietal with floral elegance and a nuanced grape that explores its fresher side, giving way to citrus and passion fruit before reaching Bulgarian roses. The fruit is supported by a mouth full of sweetness, and the peculiarity of this variety is its characteristic and potent aroma. As Jesús Astrain details, “the Gewürztraminer variety gives us a wine with greenish-yellow colors, an intense,

broad, and fresh nose, creamy and flavorful on the palate.”

Commitment to the Environment
What sets these white single varietals from Bodega Pirineos apart is not only their exquisite taste but also their commitment to social responsibility and the environment. In the presentation event for the new vintages of their single varietals, held at the prestigious Zaragoza restaurant Abshintium and led by the renowned sommelier Jesús Solanas, the winery contributed €15,000 to the Span

to analyze them to identify which areas and variables are more resistant to heatwaves, a characteristic of thermal refuges against climate change. This partnership provides an opportunity to contribute to the protection of this precious region. In fact, Bodega Pirineos sees this collaboration as a way to give back to the Pyrenees everything it contributes to the winery through its unique environment and the development of its winemaking activity. The 2023 harvest has been overall exceptional, marked by unparalleled quality that reflects the care and dedication with which Bodega Pirineos works its vineyards. In each bottle of Pirineos Chardonnay and Pirineos  Gewürztraminer, one can find the passionate work and love for winemaking that defines them as a winery.ish National Research Council (CSIC) as part of the collaboration agreement, pioneering research in the Pyrenees. This agreement entails that a percentage of the sales of Bodega Pirineos’ single varietals goes to CSIC during the commercialization of the 2022 harvest for the study of climate refuges. According to CSIC researcher María Begoña García, “various works have already been carried out to obtain data on biodiversity in the Aragonese mountain range. We have conducted 10 drone flights in places such as the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, Astún, Moncayo, and Teruel. Flights in the Pyrenees themselves took place in the midst of the July and August heatwave. In total, they allowed us to obtain about 20,000 thermal images and RGB color composition system, to characterize microclimates on a centimeter scale.” In each location, temperature and humidity sensors were placed on the ground to confirm the values of the drone’s thermal camera. The images from each location are being assembled, and during the winter, they expect

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