Pirineos Winery concludes its 30th harvest with 3.5 million kilograms of high-quality grapes

September 20, 2023

“The 2023 harvest has successfully concluded for Pirineos Winery. Grape harvesting began on August 14th and concluded on Thursday, September 14th. Four and a half intense weeks where, once again, weather conditions have influenced the work and grape quality. Maturation occurred simultaneously across all grape varieties, making it shorter than in previous years. It was also intense as we had to process almost 200,000 kilograms of grapes daily.”

“After a very dry start to the vine’s vegetative cycle, where the plant suffered and behaved unevenly, we received intense rainfall that saved the harvest. It was enough for the vines to nurture their fruits. This year was less hot than the previous one; however, episodes of extreme heat significantly reduced grape weight due to dehydration. The loss reached up to 35% in varieties like Cabernet. Additionally, some clusters were sunburned due to the strong sun. Nevertheless, the aromatic and flavor quality is extraordinary.”

“For Pirineos Winery, this vintage has been of excellent quality. The white wines exhibit excellent varietal expression and very high levels of quality. The rosés are delicate and elegant, while the reds boast good fruit expression. They are concentrated and rich in color. We are extremely satisfied with the harvest’s results, as we have successfully achieved both volume and quality objectives in line with our commercial and business expectations.”

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