“The Unique Cask of Don Benigno,” a Limited Edition Palo Cortado that Rescues the History of Sherry

January 11, 2024

Bodegas Barbadillo, renowned for its winemaking tradition, introduces a limited edition of 600 unique and unreproducible bottles of Palo Cortado under the name “The Unique Cask of Don Benigno.” This exceptional project pays homage to a cask of must from the 1984 harvest, which has remained closed and protected in the Don Benigno Hall of the old Angioletti winery.

The uniqueness of this wine lies in the history surrounding the cask, a special gift to Antonio P. Barbadillo Romero “Toto Barbadillo” for his appointment as the XXXIV Honorary Cellar Master of the San Ginés de La Jara Winery at the XXXVII Sherry Harvest Festival on September 25, 1984. Undoubtedly, a treasure guarded for decades, which has been carefully preserved until the opportune moment for its opening.

Montse Molina, Barbadillo’s winemaker, reveals that “the cask has remained closed with screws, protecting its contents from curious glances. The recent opening unveiled an exceptional Palo Cortado, the result of a very fine white wine selected for the event 40 years ago. The evolution of the wine over more than three decades has culminated in a unique and unparalleled creation.”

A wine that has witnessed all the celebrations hosted in the Don Benigno Hall over the last 40 years, as this is the space that Barbadillo dedicates to special moments and has been visited by numerous personalities. This context has contributed to the exceptional nature of this Palo Cortado.


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