Barbadillo celebrates the 100th edition of the Seasonal Bottlings

December 5, 2023

In celebration of the centenary of the bottlings of manzanilla en rama, the Winter 2023 Solear Pasada en Rama Bottling arrives in a special 75cl edition.

The history of the Seasonal Bottling dates back to the spring of 1999 when Barbadillo introduced the first edition of Seasonal Solear Pasada En Rama. This innovative proposal was based on the idea of bringing Manzanilla from the barrel to the bottle without any treatment that could alter its authenticity. Since then, the Seasonal Bottling has become a symbol of biological aging and a reference in the world of wine.The Winter 2023 Solear Pasada En Rama Bottling features a new artwork by María Ángeles Arias (animal). This unique edition reveals floral aromas and saline notes typical of Manzanillas from Sanlúcar de Barrameda. On the palate, it is elegant and balanced with a prolonged and fresh finish. This manzanilla represents the very essence of biological aging, an art that Barbadillo has perfected over the years. This new edition, celebrating the centenary of this tradition, is a tribute to the history and passion that the winery puts into each bottle. Discovering the Seasonal Solear Pasada En Rama is immersing oneself in the legacy of Barbadillo and experiencing the authentic taste of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. A oenological gem for a unique experience.

Montse Molina, Barbadillo’s winemaker, confirms that “we do the Seasonal Bottling that allows us to search for a Manzanilla profile in the context of extreme aging. We select those barrels that, despite the concentration required for a Pasada Manzanilla, maintain the sharp character of biological aging. The Bottling is the essence of what biological aging represents for Barbadillo. It is the concentration of a long aging in the front line of the upper district, where these wineries lead us to fragrant, agile, and light Manzanillas on the palate, but long and rich in aroma, aftertaste, and persistence. Only Biological aging is richness. It refines a good wine, turning it into something unique and recognizable like no other wine in the world. Biological aging, in its classical context, is a sublime way of creating wines that may be difficult for the layman to understand but are essential for connoisseurs. 


In celebration of the centenary of these types of manzanilla bottlings, the Winter 2023 bottling arrives, but it does so in a very special way. In a 75cl bottle and accompanied by a selection of 5 special bottlings of other manzanillas en rama: Nave Trinidad, Pastora, Arboledilla Levante, Arboledilla Poniente, and As de Mirabrás Sumatorio. Together, they offer a unique journey of biological agings presented in wooden boxes of six bottles, of which only 1000 units have been prepared. Armando Guerra, Barbadillo’s head of high oenology, explains that “1000 boxes of Manzanilla En Rama. In Barbadillo, there are six carefully bottled wines according to this principle: from the barrel to the winery. Six wines that today greatly extend the oenological proposal of the company in the context of biological aging wines. The milestone of reaching 100 editions of the Seasonal Bottling gives us the opportunity to offer this box. Manzanilla En Rama has never been bottled in 75 cl. It did not exist until now. Many within the winery wanted to break an immovable rule for 25 years. This anniversary gave us a wonderful excuse to do it. There will be a unique bottling of Seasonal Solear Pasada En Rama in this format.”

Manzanilla ÁS Sumatorio 2020. Vintage manzanilla aged in La Arboledilla. For the base wine, they use a white called ÁS de Mirabrás, resulting from the micro-vinification of several plots of old vineyards spread across the best pagos of the Marco de Jerez. This white wine first saw the light with the 2019 harvest.

Manzanilla Fina Nave Trinidad. Bottled for about five years. Its solera is located in the foundational and delightful El Toro winery, where they recomposed a selection of casks of Manzanilla Fina that served as the basis for seeking the most fragrant, young, and daring of biological agings.

Arboledilla Levante and Poniente. These are two Manzanillas aged at opposite ends of the Catedral winery that bears its name. In just over 100 meters of distance, the same second class of Manzanilla Solear acclimates, offering organoleptic differences that are difficult to explain. The comparative tasting exercise helps understand how important the winery building is in the aging of wines under the flor veil.

Manzanilla Pasada Pastora. It is the new, although not young, sister of the Seasonal Solear Pasada En Rama. Pastora is the response of Monterrat Molina, more than a decade ago, to the need to expand the offering of Pasada Manzanilla without increasing the number of bottles in the Bottling.

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