Barbadillo dedicates a Manzanilla to the city of Seville

April 4, 2024

Seville and Sanlúcar de Barrameda, two cities connected by the Guadalquivir River and Manzanilla.

Pastora is the first brand under which Barbadillo commercialized the first bottles of Manzanilla in the year 1827.

Bodegas Barbadillo has presented, at Paseo Alcalde Marques del Contadero, a special edition of Manzanilla Pastora dedicated to the city of Seville. It is a very limited edition of numbered bottles that revive an old label that the winery kept in its archives. Seville and Sanlúcar de Barrameda are two cities closely linked thanks to the Guadalquivir River, hence they share customs, such as the taste for Manzanilla, a wine that is only produced in this Cadiz town, close to the sea and the west winds.

Pastora is the first bottled Manzanilla brand in the world, dating back to 1827. It is a wine that is around nine years old, so it is considered a Manzanilla pasada. Its roots lie in the soleras of Manzanilla Solear, from where it occupies a very specific space within the 16 bodega barrels that make up Barbadillo’s framework and, curiously, is known as Bodega Las Pastoras. It is a wine with a lot of character, but at the same time soft, delicate, saline, and extremely fine. Manuel Barbadillo, the sixth generation at the helm of this winery, commented: “This bottle is also a tribute to the wine itself, to the Manzanilla of Sanlúcar, to that unique way of feeling oenology, so rooted in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and to that cultural environment of which Seville is the maximum exponent.” This is the particular offering that Barbadillo, with its 203 years of history, wanted to dedicate to Seville, a gesture with which it wants to return the affection that the city has for Manzanilla, on the eve of the Seville April Fair 2024.


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