Barbadillo Mixed” arrives, the Barbadillo rebujito in a can

April 11, 2023

Made from Manzanilla, it will be mixed with lemon-lime soda and a sprig of mint. In can format, ready to drink at any time and low in alcohol (4.9º), an innovation in today’s market. At Barbadillo we know that many consumers decide to mix their manzanilla with lemon-lime soda and add a special touch with a sprig of mint. So we decided to make the process easier for both the on-trade and the consumer by preparing a rebujito in the Barbadillo style. A style that is defined by a bicentenary winery that overlooks the balcony of the upper district of Sanlúcar and whose result is Barbadillo Mixed.

The revolution of refreshing drinks: the rebujito of Barbadillo

Rebujito Barbadillo Mixed is the new proposal to revolutionise the “ready to drink” market. Rebujito is the typical drink of the ferias and other festivals held in Andalusia during the spring. It is made from Manzanilla, a unique wine made from Palomino Fina grapes grown in albariza soils, which have aged for years under a veil of flor in oak casks in the centenary cellars of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. If we add to all this the lemon-lime soft drink with hints of mint, the result is the new launching of this new product we can highlight its unique flavour, together with a ground-breaking personality, different from any other proposal that exists right now in the market in this category of products (summer reds, ciders, sangrias…). It is also low in alcohol (4.9º), very refreshing and with a perfect packaging to take it wherever you want.

Freshness for any time of the day: ready to drink

Guided by our aim to make life easier, we have chosen the can as the presentation format, as it is very easy to transport (ready to drink), cool and preserve all the qualities of Rebujito intact. All this without losing respect for the environment, one of Barbadillo’s priorities. The aluminium container is totally respectful, 100% sustainable, airtight and opaque, light, individual, easy to open and attractive to the new generation of consumers. The creativity of the “Barbadillo Mixed” rebujito is the work of the young designer Antonio López, who repeats his experience as he was the creator of the image of the Barbadillo Vi range of low-proof frizzantes. José Manuel García Córdoba, head of the Barbadillo Mixed project, comments that “in recent years, ready-to-serve products have experienced significant growth, and Barbadillo Mixed is the answer to this consumer demand”.

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