Barbadillo, sustainable and innovative enotourism.

August 5, 2022

Tasting of wines and ecological Jerez kinds of vinegar is an opportunity to learn and identify the sustainability and innovation of our vineyards and elaboration processes. 

The next 29th of July, from 8:30pmn our chamomile Museum (Museo de la Manzanilla) will be the perfect stage to enjoy a magnificent tasting of wines and ecological vinegar. A unique opportunity to learn and identify the aroma of our lagoon soils, the intensity of our grapes, and the aromas of our vineyards that enjoy sustainable atmospheres and rich biodiversity, flora, insects, and lack of phytosanitary. A whole experience where we will taste four of our vinegar to introduce us to the world of Jerez vinegar.

ecológicos barbadillo

ecológicos barbadillo


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