3404 Tuca D´Aneto


The most elegant and lively side of Somontano. The expression of a specific place within the global production of the winery. A wine with its own personality that completes the range of 3404 wines, on trend, designed to satisfy the demands of lovers of barrel-aged wines but with a differentiated and impressive profile. Elaborated with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the native Moristel grapes, 3404 Tuca D’Aneto is a well-integrated Crianza, with an aromatic intensity that transports the natural environment of the vineyard and offers a different version of the enormous typicality of Somontano. Short production wine with the ambition of becoming a benchmark among the most demanding palates. According to the winery’s Technical Director and winemaker, Jesús Astrain, “it is a very concentrated wine, with delicious touches of wood. Powerful and smooth at the same time. Fleshy in the mouth, full of flavor and intense on the nose. It unites the sweetness of good wine with the aroma of a good aging”.

3404 Tuca D´Aneto – Bottle 750 cc
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