Universo VI Fest, Music and Wine

February 26, 2024

The last February 22nd, one of the concerts of Universo Vi Fest was held at Iguana Terraza. With a 1920s aesthetic and attire, the group Lady and The Cats performed live adaptations of timeless songs, ranging from gypsy jazz, blues, soul, to pop. Alongside the Guadalquivir River at one of Seville’s trendiest terraces, everything tastes and sounds better, which is why Barbadillo Vi Cool and Rebujito, the low-alcohol alternatives from Barbadillo Wineries, were not missing from this event.

In addition to having a good time, concert attendees collaborated with the El Gancho Infantil Foundation, as the proceeds from Universo Vi Fest will be donated to this organization.
Make sure to mark down the name Universo Vi Fest, as it could become a summer hit in 2024. Here are the upcoming dates for the tour, with tickets going on sale very soon.

Barbadillo Vi Fest Sanlúcar – Música y vino

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