Excellent international critique for Barbadillo’s special range of wines

October 10, 2022

The most renowned wine critics acknowledge the great efforts made by the Sanlucar based winery.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz, September XX, 2022-. Bodegas Barbadillo’s commitment to the maintenance of its old solera systems in the Sherry region, combined with cutting-edge innovation, have resulted in some highly positive reviews in renowned specialist international media. Most recently with Jancis Robinson’s publication and now with the latest journey to the region by Luis Gutiérrez, wine critic of the North American bimonthly publication The Wine Advocate for Robert Parker.

Luis Gutierrez describes Barbadillo as one of the most dynamic of all the traditional producers. This sentence undoubtedly recognises the great steps that the Sanlucar based firm has made in recent years. As it happens, the current Head of Production, Montserrat Molina, joined the winery in 1997 with the specific aim of implanting an ecological innovation division.

Likewise, Gutierrez stresses that over the last seven years, Barbadillo has shifted from marketing three types of Manzanilla sherries to offering ten different styles. Each one of them featuring a different and complementary expression within the world of biological ageing–the true key to the region’s success for more than 300 years. Three of these new manzanillas have achieved very high scores in the latest Wine Advocate list: Nave Trinidad, Pastora, and Manzanilla ÁS de Mirabrás Sumatorio.

Alongside the diversification of these flor-aged wines; new, still, white table wines from the Sherry region have been created. Wines like Sábalo, Mirabrás, Patinegro and ÁS de Mirabrás received excellent reviews and were also given high scores. These four wines suggest a highly intense level of engagement with these cutting-edge regional offerings and the search for new consumers. They are four very different wines from each other that show the wealth of opportunities to make top quality white wines.

To conclude, and going beyond the diversification and innovation with which Barbadillo is so closely identified, we must not overlook the very old casks to be found in Barbadillo’s cellars after over 200 years of family ownership. As a result, Luis Gutiérrez mentions two sherries of outstanding quality. The first of these is one of the so called ‘Reliquia’ (Relic) sherries, from an ancient solera system that was granted the maximum distinction as a Palo Cortado Sherry.

The second line is what Barbadillo calls its ‘Unique Casks’. One of these wines: Palo Cortado San Roberto, stands proud within the magnificent group of aged wines produced by the bodega, obtaining once again a score of 100 points.

Furthermore, Tamlyn Currin, taster at the acclaimed Jancis Robinson publication, particularly relevant in the United Kingdom, recently showcased her outstanding scores for the San Roberto Sherries and for the Atamán range of vermouths and quinines.


  • Palo Cortado San Roberto -100 points
  • Palo Cortado Reliquia – 100 points
  • Amontillado San Roberto Bota Única 1/2 – 98 points
  • Amontillado Reliquia – 98 points
  • Palo Cortado Arboledilla – 97 points
  • Amontillado San Roberto Bota Única 2/2 – 96 points
  • Pedro Ximénez Reliquia – 96 points
  • Oloroso Reliquia – 95 points
  • Manzanilla Pasada Pastora – 94 points
  • Manzanilla AS de Mirabrás 2019 – 94 points
  • White Mirabrás 2016 – 93 points
  • Manzanilla Fina in Rama Trinidad – 92 points
  • White with crianza Mirabrás 2019 – 92 points
  • White with crianza Patinegro 2020 – 91 points
  • White of albariza AS de Mirabrás 2020 – 90 points
  • White of albariza Sábalo 2021 – 90 points

  • Amontillado San Roberto Unic Barrel 1/2 – 20 / 20 points
  • Palo Cortado San Roberto -19.5 / 20 points
  • Atamán Inquina 19 / 20
  • Atamán V 19.5/20
  • Amontillado San Roberto Unic Barrel 2/2 -18 / 20 points
  • Atamán Vermut new formulation 18 / 20

Bodegas Barbadillo would like to thank Luis Gutierrez, Tamlyn Currin, and all the wine critics who habitually travel to the Jerez region. We appreciate their efforts and commitment to evaluating and communicating the quality and value of these unique and authentic wines.


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