Manzanilla ÁS de Mirabrás Sumatorio


The ÁS de Mirabrás “THE SUM OF ITS PARTS”, a Manzanilla sherry is a young wine benefiting from static ageing. The velum has had little work to do, providing aromatic complexity and sharpness when tasted, though without surpassing the standards of a biological wine aged in tiers (criaderas) or on the ground (soleras). Therefore, it is a Manzanilla that retains the spirit of a white wine.

It is individually aged in Manzanilla boot casks. Each one created using an independent biological and natural crianza process until now, when we have decided to join their finest elements to launch this new wine onto the market.

Manzanilla ÁS de Mirabrás Sumatorio – Bottle 750 cc

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