Pirineos Chardonnay Magnum


This wine boasts an intense personality, while still offering elegance and finesse. That’s exactly what Bodegas Pirineos’ mono-varietal white wines are like. These wines are a great representation, not only of the winery itself, but also of Somontano: these grape varieties were integrated decades ago and have adapted perfectly to the terrain, speaking volumes of our welcoming and favourable lands. In an organoleptic sense, these wines are in a category of their own; intense on the palate with a subtle yet enchanting aroma.

For this wine we selected two parcels located in the very heart of Somontano, on the elevated plains between the Sierra de la Candelera and the Vero River. It is the most typical landscape of all of the traditional Somontano area, with small elevations and precipices. At an altitude of 450-500 metres, and with deep soils of more than a metre with a silty-loam texture, is where we obtain the best qualities for the Chardonnay grape variety.

Pirineos Chardonnay Magnum – Bottle 1500 cc

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