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Vinagre de Jerez Reserva

Vinagre de Jerez Reserva – Bottle 250 cc
Vinagre de Jerez Reserva – 6 bottle box 250 cc

Product description

Vinegar produced by means of the spontaneous (or natural) acetification of Manzanilla that has been aged for years in our Sanlúcar de Barrameda wineries using the traditional Soleras and Criaderas method. Thanks to its long ageing process and the remarkable quality of the wines that have been used to produce this vinegar, it boasts a rich and ample aromatic range and a harmonious and intense bouquet. Given the very nature of the wine industry and in particular this family’s pride, no-one actually wanted to admit that some of their wines had been made into vinegar, and that is why this product was euphemistically referred to as “wine for stewing” and was only sold to employees, family and friends.

Vinagre de Jerez Reserva is our strongest vinegar, so if you love intense vinegars and robust cuisine it is the perfect choice, you can really get a sense of its old Manzanilla origins.

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Type of wine


Vinagre de Jerez


Palomino Fina


Acidez: 9,5

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